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Westar Escrow is committed to helping agents be as successful as possible. Below you’ll find forms and information to help you help your clients. We hope you find these resources helpful for listings, client meetings, or as part of a listing presentation packet.

Educational Documents

Buyer/ Seller Guidebook

Westar Buyer Seller Guidebook
All Pages
Role of the Escrow Officer
Page 6
Frequently Asked Questions
Page 7-9
Preliminary Change of Ownership Report
Page 12-13
Change of Ownership Q & A
Page 14-17
Important Real Property Tax Dates
Page 19
Resale Escrow Fees
Page 21
Statement of Information
Page 22-23
Concurrent Co-Ownership Interests
Page 25
What is Real Estate Withholding?
Page 26-35
What is FIRPTA?
Page 36-38
Events that may require special attention
Page 39
Probate Frequently Asked Questions
Page 40-41
How Does Ownership in an LLC work?
Page 42
Page 43